We often sell very special items or charity tartans on Pre-Order so that we can accurately monitor how many items of a style to weave and make. This is a slow fashion approach. These styles and tartans are not available in any other company anywhere else in the world. This means that we are able to dramatically eradicate waste, control quality and maximise the proceeds for charity by producing only what is ordered. When we have enough of a consistent demand we move the item or the tartan to small batch limited edition stock. 

Why we ask for payment at the time of Pre-Order

Paying upfront for a pre-order of traditional tartan brings several key benefits, particularly in supporting the intricate and costly process of dyeing and weaving this cultural textile. Firstly, it provides the necessary funds to cover high initial costs. Traditional tartan production involves specialised skills and materials, and upfront payment ensures that these resources are readily available, maintaining the quality and authenticity of the fabric.

For participating customers, this approach means you are directly contributing to the preservation of a cultural art form. This encourages a deeper connection with the charity and the product, knowing that your purchase plays a crucial role in keeping traditional production practices alive while the charity benefits right away. This enhance the value of the tartan for the buyer, not just in terms of the physical product, but also in terms of cultural significance and personal satisfaction.

From a logistical standpoint, pre-orders allow for better planning and resource allocation. With a clear understanding of the demand, we can optimise our weaving production schedules and quantities, reducing waste and ensuring efficient use of resources. This leads to a more sustainable production process, which is increasingly important to our community of customers.