It's Easy!

Find a measuring tape and a friend to help.

Measure in centimetres or inches; whatever you find most familiar.

Once you've removed any jackets or bulky clothing and your shoes, read the guide that follows and measure:

Great Scot Kilt Measurement Guide

1. Your Waist

Measure comfortably at your navel/ tummy button.

This measurement is NOT the same as your trouser/pant waist measurement.


2. Your Hips

Measure comfortably where your hips are widest.


3. Kilt Length

Kneel down on the floor with your back straight. Measure the distance from your navel/ tummy button to the floor.


4. Your Height

Stand against a door frame or similar, and make a mark level with the top of your head. Measure from the mark to the floor. No Glengarry bonnets, shoes or tip-toes!


5. Well done!

You've now got your measurements to build your kilt with. 

Now pour yourself a wee dram and head on back to the Kilt Collection...  


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