Thank you for sharing with us your journey and how having your special tartan has played a role in your war. We are honoured to be a part of your story.



   "I am an American but of Scottish descent  (Burns clan). I am a 10-year survivor  of breast cancer. The journey, while extremely  difficult, was a point in my life that taught me tolet people help me. In doing so, I discovered that I meant more to many people than I thought I did. Knowing that your life is truly valued is life changing. I gained the courage to do many things I was previously afraid to do.

I love that this tartan is named Warrior because that is what we are. I am truly thankful for all my fellow warriors that came before me… they are the reason I am still here.

When I receive my tartan, I will proudly wear it and proudly tell the story of all of us! - Allison"



Curaidh Warrior Great Scot

"Hi there

I ordered the Curaidah scarf back in June 2023 as I loved the pattern and wanted to support breast cancer awareness, and I received it at the end of October 2023.

Little did I know that I’d find a lump just before Christmas and be diagnosed with breast cancer myself at the beginning of January. I have just started treatment and my scarf comes with me to every appointment. It’s so soft and brightens my day."





My story is simple. I have no family, apart from two nephews in New Zealand.

Two years ago, November, I had a chest x Ray, which resulted in a visit to a consultant. After 30 years in the police force, I had some understanding of medical matters, but wasn’t prepared.

I had cancer of the lung, my lymph glands and my bones. In short, I was toast. I was told I would probably be dead by Christmas. I cleared my house, opted out my affairs and told my executors.

On Christmas Day, a neighbour came round with a Christmas dinner. Thank goodness they did, as there was nothing in my fridge! In the January, I asked my consultant if I would see the coronation. Possibly. Not only did I enjoy the coronation, but I lived to see another Christmas. Now I am putting my brain into thinking positively and am planning to see a third Christmas. The irony? I’m not really a Christmas person!

However, I love every minute of my days. I love my small but loving group of friends and love the chance to do good, whether that’s helping a friend, giving money to a charity or supporting someone who is going through a hard time. Two lessons I have learned? Buy cashmere and wear it frequently. Invest in medical insurance. More than anything else. Be kind."