"But why don't you create a tartan for Palestine!"

"I see you won't create a tartan to support Israel. Why not!"

We hope this message finds you well and wrapped in the warmth of the tartans we've crafted with great care and love. 

Our journey with tartan design has always been one of passion, community, and the celebration of heritage. It is with this spirit that we ventured into creating the Ukraine Forever Tartan, a project that, while born from the best of intentions, taught us some difficult but valuable lessons.

The overwhelming media attention, featuring interviews with outlets like Vogue and CNN, brought to light the power of tartan to unite and inspire. However, it also inadvertently shone a spotlight on the darker corners of passion and belief, exposing us to a level of hate and threats that shook the very foundation of our family-oriented business. The daily barrage of vitriol was not only shocking but deeply saddening.

With heavy hearts, we've made the difficult decision not to create a charity support tartan for the conflict involving Palestine and Israel. The Israeli-Palestinian issue is profoundly politically charged, and our experience has shown us that aligning with the people suffering on either side would likely invite more hostility, diverting us from our mission to spread beauty and unity.

We must prioritise the safety and well-being of our family of weavers and makers — the people whose love is literally woven into every thread of our work. 

We're in the business of beauty, not conflict, and while we fervently believe in the potential of tartan to be a force for good, we must also recognise the limitations and risks that come with stepping into areas fraught with such intense and polarised feelings.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We remain committed to using our looms to weave a tapestry of peace and beauty wherever we can, without compromising the safety of our team and the positive environment we've fostered for our craft.

With appreciation and hope for a more peaceful world,


Margo, Patrick, Skye & all the family at Great Scot