Updated 25th January, 2023


We continue to do everything we can to offset the current disruption caused by Royal Mail strikes and cyber attack. Here is their latest update HERE

This situation is painful for us all. It comes directly after a series of strikes. Frustratingly we didn't receive many of our normal Royal Mail collections over the Christmas and New Year period. Royal Mail strikes triggered extra demand for all couriers including the alternative couriers that we utilise (including DPD, UPS, DHL and FedEx). This has sometimes - not always, resulted in delays and we also saw some split deliveries. 

Added to that, the cyber attack suffered by Royal Mail significantly disrupted our ability to export shipments through our usual channels. International services were temporarily halted.

We are seeing positive movement though and each day now the updates from Royal Mail are increasingly positive but they aren't at full speed so until then their backlogs may continue for a wee while yet.

We know they are doing everything they can to deliver as soon as possible but delays of a few days are increasingly likely. Some postcodes/regions may be more affected than others and some not at all.

If we feel it will make a difference, we will automatically take the precaution of upgrading your shipping free of charge, driving extra distance to different depots, and or using intelligence gained from courier drivers to keep in-step with best practices during this time. 

You can be sure that we share your frustration. When we despatch items to our delivery partners and there is inconsistency to their services, we like you, become a very frustrated customer.

If you have any concerns, please speak directly to our Customer Care and we know they always do their best to help and guide you. 

Thank you for your kind patience during this challenge.

Matthew, and all the busy team here in the snowy Scottish highlands.