20th October, 2023




I wanted to thank you for supporting the Curaidh Tartan Giving Project and offer you some insights into when you can expect to receive your Curaidh Tartan item. 


In the age of Amazon, we know it's a big ask to expect you to wait while we do things the old-fashioned way. However, I'm sincerely grateful that you've joined us as a founding participant in a project that is historically significant and such a force for good.


Now, you’ll notice that lots of people are now receiving their shipments and chatting with friends, family or on social media, for example, about having received their Curaidh tartan items already. They are thrilled, and we are delighted. Our products, you say, are simply wonderful. 


Okay, but when will you receive yours exactly - why can't we be more specific than the dispatch guidelines available to you on each product and on the front of our website?

If only we could be more specific.  Weaving traditionally isn’t an exact science - far from it! We live to dispatch our product, so we spend our days pushing to do just that.

Let me reveal that we here at HQ are more impatient than anyone.

So, I’ve decided to give you key insights directly from my desk today in the hope that I can help clear up any ambiguities and answer your questions as briefly as possible.



  1. Will I receive my Curaidh order soon? Yes. The dispatch dates remain positively updated as our production multiplies in a race to overtake demand. 
  2. Will I have my pre-ordered items before Christmas? Most orders already placed should make it under the tree, but please do not choose a pre-order item if your purchase is only relevant to you as a Christmas gift. 
  3. When will items be available to buy from In-Stock? As soon as we possibly can. We are actively moving from Pre-Order to In-Stock on all items right now. We are now in stock with the Neck Buffs and the Fine Wool by the yard. We will be in stock with bags and tea towels in the next week. Soon after this, more lambswool-based products  - which are immensely popular, will come into stock but these weaves will go to pre-orders so it may be a while before we can offer an in-stock service for those. 
  4. Why has my order taken longer than my friend’s when she ordered at the same time as me? If you've ordered multiple items or if you've ordered a mix of Curaidh and other items, your order will be shipped only when it is complete. This saves your shipping and handling costs.
  5. Can I be sure that this tartan will always be available? Demand for this tartan is growing for now. When demand subsides, we will remove it from our collection so that we can introduce a new tartan to support another worthy cause.

So, please rest assured that we have you in our hearts and minds. It's super to see mills up and down the country weaving this iconic tartan - the weavers are absolutely thrilled to be making something so beautiful and for this worthy cause.


We hope you will be delighted to have been part of this terrific initiative and that you will love the products which you have helped us create.

Thank you again so much from everyone here in the Scottish highlands. 


Together, we are making something truly exceptional.


Warmest wishes,