It is a very rare and deeply sad occasion when we have reached the decision to cancel your order in full and immediately afterwards inform you that we have taken the decision to do so.

This situation happens in less than 0.7% of our customer transactions so as you can imagine, it is something that we don't choose to do lightly. So, if you have reached this page you can be sure that we felt strongly that we had no choice.

Choosing to cancel your transaction also means that we will not reinstate further orders for you and that you have been removed from all of our forums, groups, and VIP offers. It breaks our heart because we worked hard to find you and felt sure we would be a great match. We are sorry to see you go but we feel that our company is not a good match for your custom after all...

While our Customer Care Team are chosen carefully for their good natured, patient and kind disposition, they are also highly trained to cope well with challenging situations. They're good - award winning good, but should never be expected to tolerate:

Customer Service Abuse: 

Please be sure that we are staffed by good, honest people. We range in age from 18 to 80 and there exists amongst us a wide range of impressive skills, experience and in some cases physical disabilities which we as a family of friends, overcome with positivity and grace every single day. We consider our customers amongst our friends and we care very much about making their interaction with us positive, satisfying and enjoyable.

We love to hear from you; in fact, we race to the phone and we reply to your emails for at least 12 hours a day - every day.

We care deeply about our terrific customers and we work incredibly hard to give you a really refreshing and personalised on-line shopping experience. The product that you will receive is totally unique, and beautifully made with love by a dedicated  community here in our wee part of rural Scotland. 

Great Scot is not Amazon, we are not bots, we are not robots. We too are touched by life's challenges, illnesses, and worries. We too have days where we are tired, not just at our very best or perhaps we are still learning or we didn't quite understand in the first instance. We are not immune to making a mistake or learning the hard way.  So, if we have not met your expectations, simply tell us politely, how can help you better and you can be assured that we will.

We just will not tolerate keyboard abuse or disrespect of any kind. We know that many companies think over-familiar abuse is just part of on-line Customer Service nowadays and they'll withstand any level of insults just to save a sale, but we won't. In fact we contend that it's abhorrent and shameful to engage in behaviour such as screaming, swearing, sarcasm or bullying. There are no exceptions for us and no excuses. Nope, if you have subjected anyone in Great Scot to this kind of behaviour then it's better for us to say, goodbye.

Buyers Remorse - with unjustified blame: 

If your communication directly with us (or perhaps your public review) made expressly clear that you are unhappy while you are waiting for the Pre-Order that you chose to Pre-Order purchase, then we will refund you immediately and cancel your order. To do so assures you that we are an honest and reputable company.

While we realise that perhaps we could attempt to convince you that we are not a 'scam', we have found on these rare occasions, that best practice is to refund you in full rather than try to debate the issue. As we state all over our website, our dispatch dates are guidelines, so whilst most products come through the mill faster than we hoped (and we ship lots way ahead of schedule), sometimes there is a spike in demand due to unforeseen press and so, some products might be a little later than our guidelines suggests.

We have found on these rare occasions, that best practice is to refund you in full rather than try to debate the issue - because of course nobody likes to hear, however gently, that they themselves are confused only because they didn't read the button labelled PRE-ORDER, the product description which states PRE-ORDER, the information provided on our site which is regularly updated, ticked the box to say they would like updates regarding their order or do not appreciate the nature of traditional weaving and the reality that we can only weave in small batches. So, we simply refund you in full to avoid any suggestion that we have misled you and now have your money.

Further, if you recharacterise our decision to end the transaction in a scathing public review - which you are well within your rights to, we also reserve the right to publish the full contents of the communications/call between us which lead to the cancellation of your order.