If breast cancer has touched your life, directly or indirectly, you embody the spirit of a warrior. Each warrior fights with unique strengths. Enjoy our lighthearted quiz to discover which warrior archetype resonates most with you.

While they all share the common traits of heroism and courage, each one also contributes additional virtues that set them apart. Which one are you?

Take the test below;

 Discover Your Warrior Strength

  1. When faced with a difficult situation, you usually:

   - A. Offer help and comfort to others.

   - B. Stand your ground and confront it head-on.

   - C. Face it with courage, despite any fear.

   - D. Remain firm and unwavering in your approach.


  1. Your friends would describe you as:

   - A. Kind-hearted and caring.

   - B. Bold and assertive.

   - C. Courageous and adventurous.

   - D. Loyal and reliable.

  1. In a crisis, your first instinct is to:

   - A. Ensure everyone is safe and calm.

   - B. Tackle the problem directly.

   - C. Protect others, even if it's risky.

   - D. Stay the course and not be swayed by panic.

  1. When it comes to solving problems, you

   - A. Look for harmonious solutions.

   - B. Aren't afraid to break norms for the right cause.

   - C. Don’t hesitate to step up and take charge.

   - D. Are consistent and methodical.

  1. You feel most fulfilled when you:

   - A. Help and nurture others.

   - B. Stand up for what you believe in.

   - C. Overcome a fear or personal challenge.

   - D. Maintain your principles, no matter what.

Now add up your scores!

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