It has come to our attention that there are some extremely disingenuous individuals who are now attempting to deliberately profit from the overwhelming support that our tremendous Great Scot community has afforded to the new ‘Ukraine Forever’ tartan. 

These miscreants are trying to promote other similar, yet wholly unrelated products as being related to our fundraiser, in order to further their own commercial success and frankly, line their own pockets.

To that end, we have now had to take the extraordinary step of protecting this tartan from exploitation by filing a Registered Design application at the UK Intellectual Property Office - an action which, given the severity and the urgency of the current scenario facing the Ukrainian population, is highly disappointing.

We designed our Ukraine Forever tartan specifically for the purpose of raising funds for this rapidly developing humanitarian crisis, not for profit, exploitation or promotion. Great Scot is officially recognised by the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Our fundraiser ID is CFR76864. 

Further, we are registered with the Pledgeling Foundation, who are responsible for disbursing the funds we receive via our checkout donations, to our chosen charity, the D.E.C.

The only supplier of the Ukraine Forever tartan and related products made using this tartan is Great Scot (Scotland) Ltd. It can only be purchased through our website, or our official marketplaces on our partner platforms - such as Etsy.

If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of a source that you are interested in purchasing from, please do get in touch with us: or give us a call on 08450040324 (intl: +441343509002).