Face Masks are adjustable both through the ties or elastic at the top and bottom of the back of the head.

Because of the design of the mask, the cloth can sit over the nose and mouth in various depths:

Narrowest (fully pleated ) 10.5 inches  (26cm)  x 3.5 inches (8cm)

Fullest (pleats extended) 105 inches (26cm) x 8 inches (20cm)


We use either cotton ties or elastic to fit your mask around your head. Since we are presently finding that suppliers are not meeting our demand in real time, please understand that we cannot guarantee that we can fulfil your preference (unless you are happy to wait a little longer for your mask). 


All the fabrics that we use are of the highest quality. The fabric used here is a very high quality tartan made from a densely woven rayon blend. It is a 375g (11oz cloth) which is a robust, performance cloth and it is machine washable. Further, the tartan is fully lined for maximum comfort and an extra layer of protection. Full washing and wearing instructions are included with your mask. 


While we do not add a filter, the mask is lightly stitched along the bottom. Should you wish to modify your mask to add a further filter, this is quite simple to do at home and will not affect the structure or wearability of the mask

Tartan choice:

The range of tartans available in this particular tartan cloth are significantly fewer than our usual wool range, which many of you know is vast. While we most certainly note your preference for a tartan, we are unable to guarantee that you will receive it.