People who want to wear a community/non-medical/cloth mask should strictly observe the following rules:

  • The masks should only be used for private use and while you carry on practising social distancing and washing your hands thoroughly.
  • Even with a mask, the safety distance recommended by the WHO of at least 1.50 m from other people should be observed.
  • When putting on a mask, make sure that the inside is not contaminated. The hands should be washed thoroughly with soap beforehand.
  • The mask must be properly placed over the mouth, nose and cheeks and fit as closely as possible around the edges to minimise air penetration on the sides.
  • When using the mask for the first time, you should test whether the mask allows enough air to pass through as little as possible to prevent normal breathing.
  • A dampened mask should be removed immediately and replaced.
  • The outside of the used mask is potentially pathogenic. In order to prevent contamination of the hands, it should be avoided if possible.
  • Be careful to take your mask off from the back of your head. Do not touch it or your face.
  • After removing the mask, your hands should be washed thoroughly in accordance with the general hygiene rules (at least 20-30 seconds with soap).
  • After removal, the mask should be put in a bag or something similar, be kept airtight or be washed immediately. It should only be kept for as short a time as possible to avoid mould growth.
  • After a single use, masks should ideally be washed and dried completely. We recommend 30 degrees for at least 20 minutes with antibacterial agent.