We are especially proud of our ability to offer custom sizing throughout our unique collection.

Our tailors and seamstresses are highly skilled and extremely capable masters of their craft. 

We hope you join the thousands of happy clients who have enjoyed the process of creating a wholly unique and heirloom quality style.

Here is a guide which may be useful if you have never before had the luxury of having a style created especially for you by the Great Scot tailors. 


Eve is wearing the Lady Mary Jacket in Bruce of Kinnaird Fine Wool

What is a Special Order and Custom item?

This is a purchase arranged directly with us that is outwith our normal ready-to-wear stock. You can choose the measurements, heritage fabric and trims. 

Why is Great Scot so particular about having measurements taken at the time of ordering?

All of our garments are highly tailored from luxury, heritage fabric. Much time and consideration is taken when cutting and sewing your garment in order that the fabric is beautifully and perfectly matched. We make your garments to the measurements which you provide to us so these must be 100% correct and verified because it is virtually impossible to reverse this process once begun.

Why can't I just guess my measurements or give you my 'size' if I'm happy to do so? 

We create your garment to the body measurements you provide. We do not second guess or change them in any way. Your body measurements are our key starting point. From here they are used in a formula which allows for wearing ease, design ease and your chosen fabric’s tension.

If you choose not to have your measurements taken and you are happy to proceed with a 'size' from a size chart (even our stock size chart) then please realise that if you are unhappy with the fit, you may not return, exchange or receive a credit or refund. 

What can I do be sure sure of the perfect fit?

Follow these sure steps to fit success:

  1. Make sure that you do not take your own measurements. To do so will produce a fit which will likely be flawed.
  2. Do make sure that you don't for example, offer your bra measurement when asked to provide your bust measurement or your jean size when asked to provide a waist measurement. You will soon see that there is a significant difference between both measurements.
  3. Remember to wear the bra or layer which you intend to wear with the finished garment.  
  4. Do not be tempted give your 'ideal' size or 'target' size. In our vast experience this approach rarely works well.
  5. Please accept that while you may have enjoyed a perfect fit from a like kind style purchased from our stock range in the past, fabrics have different tensions and patterns may have been modified. For example, a cotton velvet Lady Mary Jacket will fit quite differently to a wool, herringbone tweed Lady Mary Waistcoat - purchased 5 years ago.
  6. Please understand that measuring lengths from other garments in your wardrobe or purchased from other companies will result in confusion. All of our patterns are completely unique to us - as are our size gradings, so please submit a measurement taken carefully by a friend or better still, a local tailor. 
  7. Remember when measuring for your finished length that kilts, skirts and trousers will generally begin from the tummy button and end at the a point on your leg that is either regimentally correct (in the case of a gentleman's kilt) or at a length of your choosing. It is crucially important that you measure for finished length keeping in mind:
  • The heel/shoe that you will typically wear with this style.
  • Where on your tummy the waistband going to sit naturally. Think about  - the shape of your tummy; is it flat and if not will the waistband then rest above, below or on your tummy. As you might imagine, it is impossible for our seamstresses or tailors to be able to guess then allow for this adaption so if in doubt, add or deduct from your measurement  - and remember that you can also request additional seam allowance if you prefer the option of lengthening in the future. 
  • Take into account fluctuation in your weight during the custom process. Much can change within a few weeks! 

    I am not sure if the fabric I have chosen is the correct shade/weight? 

    We strongly recommend that you use our sample swatch service to be absolutely sure that the tartan, tweed, velvet or wool you have chosen is the correct one for you. Look at this swatch outdoors and under various indoor artificial light. The beauty of heritage fabrics is that they are woven with many colours of thread and together the shades behave a little differently depending on the light source. 

    Please be aware that different browsers and screens may render these colours differently. If you have chosen to proceed with your custom garment and you have opted not request a swatch, and later decide upon receipt of your garment that it is not what you expected, this in no way constitutes grounds for return, exchange or modification of the garment. We urge you to request a swatch of the cloth and to satisfy yourself that you are delighted with your choice.

    What has happened if I receive my style and it doesn't fit or It is not what I expected? 

    This is extremely unlikely if you have taken onboard all our measuring and swatch advice. If you have followed our directions and you are not delighted with your style, please take photos wearing the garment and send them to A seamstress will call you as soon as possible. 

    I have "measured" my garment flat on the table/ground and the measurements do not reflect what I ordered.

    Please do not be tempted to do this since this is not how a garment could or would ever would be properly assessed for fit. The measurements for "to fit" and the "body" measurements you have provided must be different. The body measurements provided are modified by our formula which must also include ease for wear and movement, ease for design and the fabric tension of the cloth you have chosen. 


    I want to cancel my item because it's now taking longer than I wanted it to.

    Although we advise that your custom style will be ready withing 8-12 weeks, it is often completed and dispatched much sooner. However, if you have chosen a tartan or tweed which is not in stock in any of our mills, we will let you know immediately and you may choose another fabric or be happy to wait for weaving. In many cases we actually weave especially for you making your garment exceptionally special! If you don't respond to our emails withing 72 hours, we will assume that you are willing to wait and your order will proceed to completion and be subject to our Terms & Conditions. 

    I have received my style but now I would like to modify it. 

    It is sometimes the case that a client wishes to modify a length or waist to offset a measuring error on their part. We recommend you take your garment to a local tailor to ensure you receive the correct alterations in person. This also includes specific modifications to the style of the garment itself. We remind you again that Custom garments cannot be returned, exchanged nor refunded. 

    I ordered a size 18 because all your other Size 18 jackets fit perfectly - but this custom style does not too big/too small.

    We work very hard to communicate with you our need to have your measurements so that we can get started on your unique style right away. Failure to provide measurement details soon after our request will result in your custom garment being tailored to the specifications outlined on our standard size chart. Therefore, for example: If you choose to check out with a UK size 18 and you do not respond within 72 hours after our request for further details, your garment will be produced to the size chart's UK size 18 specifications +/- 1 inch. This may not take into account cloth tension or pattern modification since your last purchase. 

    I ordered a custom style last week but I've changed my mind about the fabric and now I want a different style...

    We get to work for you the moment we have received your measurements. Once we have cut into your chosen fabric, work on your custom garment cannot be abandoned or changed during tailoring. Custom made garments in process are not refundable. 

    As you can tell, we take the creation of each and every garment extremely seriously.  We want you to wear it forever so we cut and sew with immense skill and passion. Yet, we are only able to complete your garment based on the measurements that you provide us with. These specs are particular to you alone and must be the beginning and the end of the perfect garment so please do take a few moments to be sure of their accuracy.