Posted on 06 March 2017


Great Scot Photo Studio

Glamorous? Exciting? Fun?

What is it really like behind the camera at our
photoshoots? We thought you'd rather hear from the model herself.

Read on for access all areas…

Hi I’m Elsa. I am actually an intern, visiting from France. I wanted to
share with you what happened when I had a chance to model for Great Scot. Here
are a few outtakes, and for you budding models out there, my candid experience of modelling for a day!

We are on location at our corporate showroom here at Great Scot HQ which is
nestled deep in the Scottish Highlands. Today is my first time modelling and I am
working with Heinrich, who is one of the talented Great Scot photographers. I feel it’s going
to be a learning experience for us all.


First we did a quick test-shoot. Here I am without make-up or help with my hair!

Great Scot Lieutenant Jacket Lorne Blue Elsa pre makeup

After hair and make-up we had a quick briefing about how we were going to approach the shoot, and what we aimed to achieve. We want our customers to
be able to see how versatile our new Bovary and Lieutenant Jackets can be.

Margo (Founder of Great Scot) asked me to be ‘still but natural and try not to pose’, but
it’s not so easy when it seems like I have my workmates peeking in and giggling!
Firstly we tried the jacket with the GS Flawless Blouse and my own jeans. It is a perfect
fit and the styling takes just a moment so we are ready to go and I’m so nervous!

We moved from the Studio into our corporate showroom. I found it more relaxing.

Great Scot Bovary Jacket Torridon Tweed jacket test shots

Heinrich is very patient and kind, but very exacting!

 Heinrich Great Scot Photographer


The team is eager to have the light reflect the depth of colours and shades in these beautiful tweeds but
the natural light in Scotland changes so frequently that we have to move around a lot to try to capture it. As the
hours pass I become less self-conscious – even a little bored!

At last, I am feeling more comfortable at this point.

It is amazing to see how simply changing from jeans to the matching skirt made me not only look
more formal but I felt confident and elegant. I love the Bovary and Lieutenant
jackets, I’m hoping I am allowed to keep one of them!


Here is the Lieutenant Jacket in Lorne Blue Tweed. I love this with jeans.

Immediately after the shoot, the whole team assemble and begin to review the hundreds of
shots taken. It is laborious and time consuming yet I am intrigued to see how
carefully the team work to make sure that the clothing is truthfully and beautifully


In the end we select just 4 photographs to use!

Great Scot image selection


And so, the reality of the day was not quite so glamorous or so exciting. I was
exhausted and glad to have a pizza delivery arrive! It takes many people's hard work and concentration to produce consistent results. I loved seeing the finished product though
and viewing the images in context, on our website made it all a fantastic experience for me.


Elsa on

 Seeing myself on the Great Scot website is a thrill I might never get over. My Mum and little brother will be very proud!

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