There are two 'stories' surrounding the Morrison clan tartans
1. It was claimed that the official Morrison clan tartan was recorded by Lord Lyon in January 1968, from a piece of tartan found in an old Morrison family bible. The bible contained a hand written reference to the tartan and was dated 1747, one year after the proscription of Highland dress. The discovery was made during the demolition of a Black House on Lewis in 1935.
2. Colonel Morrison, wishing to re-establish his tartan - his old pre-1939 kilt had been destroyed in a London air-raid - made an error by centring ONE green line instead of TWO on the red band. When this was later brought to the attention of Lord Lyon by Stuart Davidson in 1967, he refused to alter what had been registered in Lyon Court Books and remarked that the Morrisons would just have to accept it.

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