Three Good Reasons to Cancel Your Charity Tartan Order

We are so glad you came. We are sorry if you don’t like waiting. We would be so sad to see you go, but perhaps cancelling your order is better. Here are three good reasons why:
REASON 1: This may be the last weave of this tartan
  • Ultimately there will be a point when these particular charity tartans come off our looms and are no longer available for sale.  
  • Please, if you are struggling to understand their unique and special nature, or if you are unwilling to accept that this is a time-consuming project, please cancel your order and allow us to offer your tartan to someone delighted to wait. 
  • Our giving projects can only continue for as long as there is demand so that any weave could very well be the last weave, ever.
REASON  2: Our shipping dates are a guideline only. 
  • Most products come through the mill faster than we hoped, and we ship lots way ahead of schedule. Yippee! 
  • Yet, if anything doesn’t pass our rigorous quality checks or there is a spike in demand due to unforeseen press, some products might be a little later than our guidelines suggests. It isn’t an exact science, although every day, we wish it was…
  • We have thousands of 5-star reviews that praise our pristine, luxury quality, and we will not compromise on that standard. Equally, we can’t control an unexpected spike in support and how that affects everyone's expectations.
  • Please cancel your order if you cannot appreciate the nature of traditional weaving or the fact that we can only weave in small batches and there are only 24 hours in our days too.
REASON  3: We are not Amazon
  • We are not Amazon. We are sorry if you “missed *someone’s* birthday”. Really we are truly and sincerely sorry. However, these exceptional projects take as long as they take. Nobody is trying to delude you, scam you or confuse you. Nobody is lying to you and no, we haven't lost your order. 
  • It isn’t that you “haven't heard anything” from us. We make it clear at every part of the checkout process that this is a charity Pre-Order item of a highly unique nature.
  • If you do not care to be considered a key part of  your chosen project's success and own something truly unique, you can always cancel right away, and with your full refund, go to Amazon and have something else arrive tomorrow. That’s the wonder of Amazon and their armies of robots, but we make no apologies for choosing to make an entirely different kind of magic here - and in so doing, invest in our local rural communities and their hardworking people.
5 Great Facts about Great Scot
  1. We passionately support traditional small family-run mills within the British Isles.
  2. We employ people of all ages from rural communities, support small makers, and retrain staff in order to develop traditional skills.
  3. We have over 50,000 very happy customers in almost every country on the globe.
  4. Our motto Durat Ditat Placet is Latin. It means: It sustains, it enriches, it pleases.
  5. We love what we do and are obsessed with making beautiful things for wonderful people.