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The lifeblood of Great Scot is our people. As a small, tight knit, team of strategists, creatives and technologists, we are devoted to a culture that cultivates the best possible retail experience for you.


Margo Page - CoFounder and Managing Director of Great Scot (Scotland) Ltd.

Margo Page - Co-Founder and Managing Director


I’ve never been happier, being here and meeting you. Why?

Having spent nearly 20 years building global fashion brands in the heart of New York City, I’m at last back in my homeland, Scotland, and I’m building my best brand yet. There’s no rush nor sales goals here, just a team I have carefully selected to ensure that Great Scot grows stronger, one delighted customer at a time - no matter how long it takes. And of course the clothes: They have to be outstanding and wholly unique.

But so too does the everyday energy and the atmosphere that flows around every engagement with you, through each member of the team and around every part of the process from thought to feeling. I stay awake at night contemplating how best to ensure that Great Scot has the effect of making you feel great and feel beautiful, but also that we restore your faith in the honesty, integrity and joy of shopping online. 

Let me introduce to you the key team members who directly impact your experience of Great Scot...



Patrick Lewtas - Director of Operations at Great Scot (Scotland) Ltd.Patrick Lewtas - Director of Operations

In a company full of creatives and strategists, I tell myself that I have a certain amount of shepherding to do!

I'm the guy who finds a way to solve issues before they affect you. Critical to me is finding new and innovative ways to demonstrate to you that we CAN. Often, this means finding logistical answers so that Great Scot is not only highly competitive but that we far surpass standard industry practices. A usual day might include negotiating and implementing an even faster and cheaper Next-Day Shipping Service for our East Coast USA customers or bringing in new easy-payment options to give you even more confidence and convenience. Sometimes though, as the only guy at HQ, I'm sent for a 'long stand' or 'a jar of elbow grease' from the broom cupboard. I've learned to live with it though and once in a while - usually at the Christmas Party, I'm told that I can be 'quite useful'.   

When I'm not tweaking and polishing Great Scot I can be found brewing peculiar real ale recipes or working on my sailing boat, 'The Wee Dram', and dreaming of voyages to the ends of the Earth.


Abigail Rollinson - Executive P.A.

Abigail Rollinson - Executive P.A.

I recently graduated from the University of Stirling, and having studied Law I found the perfect job at Great Scot for me to put those valuable skills to use whilst working with the things I love most – clothes!

At Great Scot I am exploring aspects of the fashion business through experiencing every department of the company. Although not at first obvious, my Law degree gets exercised every day in a multitude of ways; my role crosses over with procurement and sourcing, and requires me to work with contracts and agreements on a daily basis. My aim is to ensure that Great Scot's product quality and reputation for excellence is never compromised.

When I am not saving the world, I enjoy walking my doggies along the lovely beaches here in the North East of Scotland, re-reading my favourite books and watching Johnny Depp films on repeat.



Skye McCoy

Skye McCoy - Co-Founder & European Business Ambassador

When Mum and I committed to the notion of building a brand called Great Scot, I had no idea what to expect. I was barely 16 then but I did know that no matter what, it would be lots of fun. However, she’s a tough task-master so I’m not surprised to see today a brand that has already garnered a well earned reputation for quality and excellence. I’ve still so much to learn about this part of the industry but I understand rule number one (practically tattooed on my forehead): ‘Mediocrity is forbidden!'

I’m currently studying French and International Relations at university in Paris. Thanks to Skype, I never miss a Great Scot meeting and I waste no time at all getting back to HQ during my holidays to help in every single department, in any way I can. When I'm at home in Paris, I introduce our company’s unique style to influencers and retailers. It's surprisingly easy to translate beautiful style into any language- no franglais required!

When I'm not trying to be an International Woman of Mystery, I can often be found traversing Paris in my Citroen 2CV, with baguettes sticking out of the sunroof (wearing my favourite Lady Mary Jacket paired with a stripey t-shirt and my felt beret!).


Jill Morrison - P.R. & MarketingJill Morrison - P.R. & Marketing

I started my career at Great Scot packing boxes and doing things like sticking prices on hang-tags! That was three years ago, and since then I can confidently assure you that there's no job here that I don't know intimately. I've loved growing with this company and it certainly has set me the highest personal and professional standards to work to. 

Currently, I am in my final year studying for a degree in Biomedical Science, in Edinburgh. But in between lectures and studying, you will always find me at Great Scot HQ, where presently I mostly work in the P.R. and Marketing department.  This is the easiest job I've done because many of our press contacts are also devoted customers!

Outside of uni and GS, you'll find me on, or near a horse. Any horse. Any pony. In fact, anything with hooves. Got a donkey? I love donkeys... 


These are just some of the Great Scot team that are committed to making your experience satisfying and a positively memorable one. Alongside them, there are a determined team of weavers, pattern-makers, seamstresses, shippers and customer service legends who make the Great Scot product what it is.


Contact any of us, at anytime, if there is anything whatsoever that you feel we can do better.

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