31st of March, 2020

 "Ask yourself - Can you operate your business with Safe Social-Distancing practices?"

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister, 24th March, 2020 


Great Scot Team

Thanks to a combination of spacious building layout and an excellent digital infrastructure (which allows most of us to work from home), we can easily maintain our impeccable level of customer care and adhere to the current government advice on human-to-human contact.  

Our seamstresses are perhaps missing their usual chatty buzz. Most ladies have taken their sewing machines home to allow for our ever stricter social distancing protocols. This shake-up is leading to an astonishing surge in creativity! We are thrilled and actively embracing all staff initiatives to make our product and our client experience even better.  


Great Scot Deliveries 

Our shipping partners are coming and going as usual. In their daily visits, they keep us well informed of new developments. In turn, their managers assure us that they have all the necessary plans in place to maintain their excellent service. So, we continue to ship to you at home, all over the world. 


Great Scot Customers

More so than ever, our beautiful, loyal community of customers continue to engage with us. For example, our website Live Chat is even busier lately with customers near and in faraway time zones, exploring their options and discussing their sizes, style options and tartan selections. We’re never far away and we love chatting to you.


Great Scot Challenges

The only set back we have encountered so far is the necessary delay in opening our beautiful new showroom at our new home at Isla Bank Mills, Keith. This delay is a direct result of social distancing advice. However, we plan to use this extra time to develop the space further so that when we welcome you to our opening event, you can enjoy an even more delightful environment to sip champagne and view our new collections.


Great Scot Approach

Keeping in mind strict hygiene protocols, we plan to continue as we always do with a happy and can-do way of going.  We really love our work and we adore our Great Scot community.


Great Scot Promise 

Our corporate motto and pledge is Durat Ditat Placet - It sustains, It enriches, It pleases.

We intend to fulfil this promise to you for very many years to come.


Please don’t hesitate to contact our Founder & Managing Director directly, with any comments or suggestions you may have. Margo is always delighted to hear from you.

Thank you very much indeed for your continued support.
We wish you health and safety, particularly at this challenging time.

All the team at Great Scot